About Us

Rick has worked in the media field for over 15 years.  Experience includes producing TV ads and promotional pieces for local TV stations as well as working at an Ad Agency for 10 years.  Rick has operated a catering company for 6 years.  He has a vast understanding of marketing and how to promote a product.  We shoot with multi-cam technology on two Nikon DSLR’s with an array of lenses, mostly prime to give it a cinematic look.  Legally edits on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop to meet industry standards to give you the best finished product.  Has wrote many blogs and produced many different types of videos over the years in a number of fields.  Rick works with a variety of other videographers and industry leading sound technicians and producers to give you the best piece.  We can provide in house recording of your next big single, a short documentary of the recording process, as well as a fully produced music video for upload.  We can provide CD and DVD copies and can help distribute over the web and local music stores and get the word out with professionally produced announcements and fliers that can be distributed to local media outlets.  We also specialize in on site live recordings to produce promotional material that can be used as a demo of your band performing live to get you into more gigs as well as new markets.

Email redroomrick@gmail.com today to see how we can get your band separated from the clutter!

Helping Local Musicians Tell Their Stories