Friends’ Weddings

So many things were different in 2020.  Many weddings and events got canceled or downsized.  As a result, I decided to look back at some weddings I had been to in order to remember what it was like in a normal world.  I typically don’t post wedding videos that I produce.  I don’t own the rights to the music and I don’t know the people in the videos.  But these were different.

Back in 2016, three sets of friends got married.  If you attended one or possibly all three you may see yourself in one of these videos.  Not everyone made the cut but a lot did.  Over the years, I have shot many weddings and events on video and catered and worked many wedding and events.  The difference from all three of these is that I was there to attend, not be in an agenda.  So as a disclaimer since I was there as a spectator to enjoy the show and not work in it,  some of the shots may not be perfect but we did our best.  They were all a lot of fun and it was great to look back on the fun times we had.

Click the names below to view the YouTube links and open full screen and make sure it’s set to HD viewing and relive the good times!

The Marshall’s

The Stone’s

The Zimmerman’s


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